• Manufacturing equipment

    Manufacturing equipment

Our technology at a glance

The foundry’s machinery

Moulding plant
Fully automated sand mould process, flask size of 550 x 350 x 125/125 mm

Moulding sand preparation
Fully automatically metering of the components by recipe preselection

Core-moulding workshop
Automatic Core Shooter manufacture Croning sand cores

Smelting operation
Two channel-type induction furnaces with a capacity of 1,5 t/h each

Casting automats
Fully automatic pouring unit (1,2t), induction heated, continuous pouring temperature monitoring

Continuous shot-blasting system, belt shot blasting machine, deburring shape cuttings

The machinery in turning technology

  • CNC-Multi- and Single spindle lathes
  • Turn controlled single and multi-spindle lathes
  • Multi-way transfer machines
  • Double Cutting machine for nuts
  • Cleaning plant

Even the quality in toolmaking is decisive - please click on the picture.

Tool manufacture

  • Tool grindery
  • Production Preparation
  • Construction of jigs and fixtures
  • Model Production

Quality control

See the Quality Assurance page here